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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seeing an Old Face

My friend, which i havent seen for in a very long time, is coming to visit for a month. He is a great and talent guy too. His name is Christian and he has been one of my close friends since 6th grade; I am now a junior this year.

He plays the trumpet, is training in boxing, and plays every sport imaginable. He is very sarcastic all the time which i love because he doesnt get too serious with people and is never shy. You can be real with him and just hang out.

My uncle is also coming into town which im over joyed about as well! Hopefully my favorite uncle can meet one of my best friends heh.

RIP Grandpa Standridge

Fred Standridge died May 23rd 2010 at 2:49 pm. I love my grandpa, but I didn't have a strong relationship with him. My mom, sister and I spent a lot of time at the hospital last weekend. A whole bunch of family surrounded his bedside praying for him and singing hyms over him. It was very sweet. He looked like a tiny baby scared to let go. I pray with all my heart that he is in heaven right now.
His memorial service is this sister is also moving this monday. It is going to be a tough week, but I'm praying for God's strength to pull me through.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My grandpa just had a heart attack! They say it doesnt look good :( we r heading to Oklahoma City to check on him and the family. We think he is saved i guess it is time to find out for sure. Keep us and him in your prayers.

*Cali Baby<3*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fresh Start

So, one of my goals in life was to write an inspirational blog. I got discouraged fast and God has shown me that I can do all things through Him and with His help :) Now, I have been going through some trying times: My sister, Melissa, found out she was pregnant last December. I was thrilled! That is until we found out she has a condition called a Kell antibodie which basically means their is a 100% chance that her body will attack the baby. Despite desperate pleas and prayers on January 13th 2010 the baby had no heartbeat and it was removed from her stomach. The day of Melissa's surgery our beloved dog of 12 years died...and if that wasn't bad enough a couple weeks later Melissa finds out they are shutting down her department and she will be losing her job which means I lose my job of watching my niece. I was now without income with bills to pay. Only God could help us get through this mess. I had previously applied for a job at a church daycare; I got approved and everything, but no one from the office called to have me come in. After months of waiting, that is when I decided to watch Evah for money because I was running out of time. After I lost my job watching my niece, God gave me favor and courage to call the daycare. I was working the next day! Praise be to God!! That was March 3rd.

A month later my brother-in-law Jason, Melissa's husband, gets a crazy phone call from his sister. She says "My has had a vision. She had a vision that you were going to molest Evah and she's going to call DHS." Now, keep in mind that these visions are not uncommon for her to have. So far Jason was supposed to have 3 sons (he has a girl) and they and his wife were all supposed to die in a car accident. She also had a vision that Jason's sister was demon possessed and going to die of a tumor. She is crazy. So, Jason calls his mother and pleads with her not to call DHS on them because he would never hurt his child like that...we hoped that she would be smart. Unfortunantley, she wasn't. A day later a DHS worker showed up at Melissa's house. My sister was devistated, but we had no idea at the time that God had already put his hand on the situation and was working miracles.

This is how the day went: Melissa, Evah and I went to lunch with my mom. Afterwards I decided to follow Melissa back home to hang out with her than we were going to go back to my parents house. As soon as we got home I changed Evah's peepy diaper so she was dry and I put on a baby einstein video. After only five minutes of being home, we hear a knock at the door. It was a young lady with a clipboard telling us she got a complaint and that she was from DHS. I could see the pained look on Melissa's face, but she still couldn't see the tiny miracles God had put in place all around her to show she wasn't alone. The lady checked out Evah's body and surprisingly Evah had no bruises, no rashes and of course her diaper was completely dry. Evah is the most clumsiest child so it was a tiny miracle she had no bruises on her. Than another miracle is that I was their to lend support. I was able to distract Evah while the worker talked to Melissa. Melissa explained about Jason's mother and her vision. It didn't take long to realize his mother is psychotic and needs some help. Soon the lady left and that was the end of it.
Jason and Melissa vowed that they would never allow Evah to see her grandparents on his side EVER again. Nevertheless, they were/are still afraid she will come find Evah and take her away.

Now, the Langgings are packing up and moving to California. They leave May 3oth. My mom has had it on her heart and so have i that we want to live by our family out their. We want to be a "light" out in a dark place. We have exhausted all our humanly efforts so now if we move out their it will have to be God's doing. Melissa and Jason found out they were pregnant again! She is 7 weeks and i pray for that baby constantly. There is a doctor at Stanford Medical and she is deals directly with Kell. Melissa has already been approved so when they get out their she can start going to the specialist.

God has great plans for the Cruze's and the Langgings. I am so anxious to find them out...During these last few months it has been very trying. But i remember what Beth Moore said "If God allows the devil to sift you like wheat then there is somthething that needs sifting!" I know in my heart my family is supposed to move to California. We are praying for this summer and so now I'm just waiting on the Miracle. I can't wait to give you guys a praise report. God is good! and He is faithful.